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Term Life Insurance Prices

Premiums Differ Between Carriers

If you listen to people talk about term life insurance prices you might come to the conclusion that all term life insurance is the same.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sometimes there is such a vast difference between the prices among companies that it makes one wonder how these high priced policies sell.

If you dig a little deeper you will see why they differ.

Not all people enjoy good health. Life insurance premium costs are determined to a great extent on the health of the insured.

Age, occupation and avocation are also considered. The applicants driving record and use of tobacco, alcohol and narcotics are also considerations.

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Determine Term Life Insurance Prices

  • Preferred Risks

    The term life insurance premium costs are sometimes classified something like this. You have the select category which is sometimes referred to as preferred risks. This is for people who take good care of themselves and have no ailments whatsoever.

    They have no medical history in their families that could be risky. The life insurance companies believe that if these people continue living and eating right they will probably live to age 100 or more.
  • Standard Risks

    The next category is those people who are classified as standard risks. These people are considered average. They may have something in their family history that may cause them not to live too long but they are aware of the possible problem and are taking good care of themselves.

    They may have a tendency to develop high blood pressure but these people eat correctly and exercise regularly. They visit their doctors regularly and follow whatever is recommended. The term life insurance price in this case will be slightly higher than that of the person who qualifies for the preferred rate. Of course, this all depends on the seriousness of the possible medical condition that could be inherited.
  • Substandard Risks

    People who fall into this category are considered borderline cases. They are issued a policy but they must pay extra for it. The extra term life insurance price will vary from person to person. It will depend on the family history as well as the type of ailment involved.

    The cost is calculated based on certain positive and negative considerations. The actuaries calculate how long a person with a particular ailment or combination of ailments can be expected to live. The term life insurance price is determined based on these calculations. The actuaries are usually fairly accurate.

There are some life insurance companies that do not expend the effort to find out the details of the medical history or habits of a prospective client. The policies they issue more often than not fall in the Standard category but their term life insurance prices are usually a little higher than they need be. The life insurance companies cover themselves in that way. If there is any indication that the policy is not a good risk they decline it without any further tests or investigations.

Another important consideration is that your term life insurance cost will vary depending on the type of term life insurance policy you buy. Each is designed for specific needs. They may be kept for varying periods of time. The longer the policy lasts the higher the term life insurance price.

Here is a list of the term life insurance options you have.

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