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Term Life Insurance Quote Comparison

Term Insurance Policies Compared Online

Do you want to take a look at a term life insurance quote comparison?

Do you want to compare policy rates from some of the finest life insurance companies? There is a difference you know.

Are you looking for the best that you can provide the maximum amount of life insurance for your family's protection?

Do you care which company you buy from? Do you want the best? Follow me to do a term life insurance quote comparison but first let us look at the basics of the policies then we will look at actual rates.

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A Term Life Insurance Quote Comparison

If you read any of the pages on this site you know that term insurance is temporary insurance. You have a permanent need for life insurance so let us look at some of the term policies that would take care of your permanent need for a long period of time.

I refer to the 15 year term life insurance policy, the 20 year term life insurance policy, the 25 year term life insurance policy and the 30 year term life insurance policy. These are the policies most often examined before people request a term life insurance quote comparison.

  • 15 Year Term Life Insurance

    Do you think this one would be of interest to you? Let us take a look. You are married and you have two children ages 7 and 9. For whatever reason you have waited to buy your life insurance but you have become very aware of the importance and urgency of getting this done now.

    You want to see all the plans and dreams that you have discussed with your wife come true but you know that you could die at any time and if that should happen things could be quite difficult for those very dear to you.

    The minimum you want is to provide enough to cover the family until your youngest graduates college. You are going to need a term life insurance quote comparison on the 15 year term policy.

    That will cover them until your youngest is age 22. Since the premiums are pretty low you could provide sufficient coverage. This policy has level premiums and a level death benefit.
  • 20 Year Term Life Insurance

    Probably a better fit for your situation would be the 20 year term life insurance policy. This policy has been a perennial favorite so you likely want to see a 20 year term life insurance quote comparison.

    It works pretty much like the 15 year term but you have an extra 5 years for safety's sake. You know, one of the children might dally around for a while before putting nose to the grindstone and graduating.

    It has level death benefit and level premiums.
  • 25 Year Term Life Insurance

    You have done the things you need to do in the right way. You have graduated college and you are about to get married. You have a good job and also have accumulated quite a bit of money. You will buy a house for your future wife in a very short period of time. You know you will have children...

    As you are aware you will need some life insurance and will keep it for a long period of time you have decided to look at a 25 year term life insurance quote comparison. The premiums are quite inexpensive so you can buy all the coverage you now need.

    The death benefit remains level for the duration.
  • 30 Year Term Life Insurance

    The use of the 30 year term policy is much like that of the 25 year policy. You just have an extra 5 years. This gives the policy a kind of permanence to it...30 years is a long time.

All these policies give you an option to convert within a given period of time, with most companies. You may find it necessary to convert if you find you need your life insurance for a longer period of time some time in the future but because of ill health you cannot get a new term policy.

You have to take care of the spouse even after the children are on their own.

You have the option of adding the accidental death benefit clause to any of these policies as well as the waiver of premium benefit. Now you are ready to get your term life insurance quote comparison.

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