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Level Premium Term Life Insurance Quote

Compare Level Term Life Insurance Quotes....

There is quite a difference between a level premium term life insurance quote and whole life insurance.

Term life insurance is cheaper, or is it? Term life insurance is better, or is it?

If you were to examine level premium term life insurance quotes as well as whole life insurance quotes you would readily see the differences but you may not that readily see the true value of the whole life insurance policy.

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Level Premium Term Life Insurance

You have to delve deeply into the policy itself to truly appreciate what you have. The beauty about buying a life insurance policy whether term or whole life is that you have so many choices.

  • Term Life Insurance

    Yes, term life insurance is temporary insurance simply because it has a date where it must end...after 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years or 30 years. The big problem is that most people have permanent needs for life insurance. We like to fool ourselves into thinking things like this. "I have sufficient life insurance to take care of the children while they are in school. After they graduate I will have no need for that term life insurance policy any more."

    When you get a low premium term life insurance quote you are usually thinking of paying out the least possible premium as you have a growing family which is costing a lot to maintain. In many a case the buyer is not thinking that the value of the money that will be paid out may be sufficient for today's living standards but the purchase value of today's dollar will have decreased significantly 10 or 15 years down the line. Of course, these problems can be solved by anticipating the rise in living costs and buying sufficient insurance to keep pace with it..

    When you get this low premium term life insurance quote you may not have considered that you may have another one or two children costing more to maintain. Thus the need for even more life insurance.

    If you need some cash down the line there will be none available to you from your level term policy. Unlike whole life it has no cash value. You must die to win.

    What about when your spouse and yourself get into your late sixties, seventies or even eighties. Will you need life insurance then? The odds are that you will and your term policy will have expired. You may try to buy some new insurance then but you may learn that you are not insurable.
  • Whole Life Insurance

    If, on the other hand, buy a whole life insurance policy you will have to put out more money but there are myriads of benefits that will come in quite handy.

    You will have the death benefit just like the term policy has but it will last until you are age 100. You will have a cash value and you are even likely to have it enhanced by life insurance dividends. Dividends are not guaranteed. As a result you have the opportunity of "paying up" your policy in a relatively short period of time. The benefits are innumerable if you buy this higher premium policy...many more than term as you will see when you get the low premium term life insurance quote and compare it with a whole life insurance policy.

One comforting thing is that if you choose to buy term life insurance today you may choose to convert it to a permanent policy at a later date. Some term policies make that option available...within a given period of time. The choice is really yours. You can request a low premium term life insurance quote as well as a quote for the higher premium whole life insurance policy and make your decision.

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