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No Exam Insurance

Term Insurance No Exam

No exam insurance can be pretty easy to get in today's world.

It used to be that most life insurance policies, especially after age 40, were obtained after a rigorous medical examination.

If the policy was large enough you would need more than one examination which may include blood or urine tests.

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No Exam Insurance - Term Insurance

People are taking better care of themselves and as a result life insurance companies issue policies after you answer a few questions truthfully about your family history and your medical history. They issue a no exam insurance policy, sometimes right there online.

These no exam life insurance policies are really designed for the person who is very aware of their need for life insurance but really doesn't have the time to get a medical examination done.

These people are usually between ages 25 and 65 and are in good health to the best of their knowledge. These policies are not for those who are at death's door and think they can get one by the insurance company. Rest assured the insurance company takes good care of itself...

The policy is issued but the life insurance company has the right to withdraw it within a specified period of time if they should uncover anything that may prevent the applicant from getting no exam life insurance.

The company is not just sitting there waiting for information to come to them. They check out the responses that you give on your application for insurance...

If you are found to be an acceptable applicant you have a policy, if not, it may be rated or withdrawn.

The types of policies issued on this basis are usually term life insurance policies but whole life is offered by some companies. Two of the favorites are the 10 year term and the 20 year term policies.

The 15 year term, 25 year term and 30 year term policies are also offered by some companies. You may add, if you will, the waiver of premium rider and the accidental death benefit rider.

To conclude, if you want to purchase life insurance and you are in an acceptable state of health but simply don't seem to be able to find the time to get a medical done you can apply for up to $1,000,000 no exam insurance online.

Get Quality Term Life Insurance - Up to $1,000,000 in Coverage in Minutes if you qualify. Protect Your Family Today!

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