Mortgage Protection Insurance

Leave Your Family An Asset Not A Liability

The phrase mortgage protection insurance is used to cover a broad sphere of topics.

You can own a mortgage policy that will make your payments in the event of a natural disaster or in the event of your disability.

Mortgage protection insurance can cover mortgage payments in the event you are unemployed you are sick or injured.

Here, however, we will look at the type of insurance that will pay off your mortgage balance in the event of your death.

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Mortgage Protection Insurance Is So Important

One of the largest, and perhaps the most important, investments most people make is the purchase of their home. You have great dreams, you plan to see your children grow up in this home.

You can envision them playing on the floor in your family room. You look forward to teaching your son or daughter to play baseball or basketball in the yard.

You eventually get to the point when you look forward to all the family enjoying breakfast and dinner in their dining room. You intend to be there for a long time. Sometimes people retire and live at that same house but...

What happens when you die? Are your loved ones still going to be able to live there? How is the mortgage going to be paid together with all the other living expenses? Does your spouse also work...and is his or her income sufficient to maintain the family? Here is where a good mortgage protection policy can help.

  • Mortgage Protection Life Insurance.

    Decreasing Term

    Many different policies can be used to protect your family in the event of your death. By far the most popular for mortgage life insurance is the decreasing term life insurance policy. The premiums are level throughout the life of the policy.

    The beauty about this policy is that the face amount decreases similarly to the way the mortgage balance close depends on the mortgage interest rate.

    The insurance company builds the policy in such a way that the amount payable at death will be about the same or more than the mortgage balance. This is basic mortgage protection life insurance.

    Level Term

    In some cases level term life insurance policies are used to pay off the mortgage upon your death. If, for example, you have 20 years of mortgage payments ahead of you a 20 year term policy may be a good choice.

    As this is level term the event of your death the insurance company will pay off your balance due the bank or mortgage company...but they will do considerably more, depending on when you die... This is mortgage protection life insurance plus...

    Let us suppose you are ten years into paying off your 20 year mortgage and you die. The life insurance company will pay the balance owed but there will be an additional amount payable to your beneficiaries.

    This amount is the difference between the balance owed and the face amount of the policy. This policy is a little more costly than the decreasing term policy. This is considered a good choice for mortgage protection insurance.

    Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Life or Variable Universal Life

    People even choose to use permanent life insurance policies as mortgage protection insurance. The big advantage is that they can use the cash value built up over the years to pay off the mortgage balance while they are still alive.

    This is sometimes referred to as mortgage protection insurance as well as mortgage redemption insurance. If they do not choose to use it in that manner there a myriad of other uses for the extra available cash.

    The disadvantage to using whole life , universal life , variable life or variable universal life is that your premium payments are much higher than the premiums for term policies.

Those are your best choices for mortgage protection insurance.

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