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How To Get Life Insurance Leads

Insurance leads from people who plan to buy some type of insurance.

The insurance agents most important stock in trade is a source of good reliable leads, they need to get before people.

There are many sources for leads to choose from. Some agents depend on direct mail, others on cold calling and still others on the more reliable referred lead.

Money can be made using either method but the latter, if done correctly, is more reliable than the others...referred leads.

When I was on the field selling life insurance on a one to one basis I depended more often than not on referred leads.

Insurance Leads From A Happy Buyer

After each sale I would ask for leads. If one asks in a certain manner leads are quite easy to get.

I would say something like this:

"John, in order to make it in this business I need your help, I need the names of new people to see constantly.

If I were to ask you to give me 5 names of your friends you probably would find it difficult to come up with 5.

Here is my suggestion. You have a book with all the names and telephone numbers of you friends and acquaintances go get that book and start at A, this will jog your memory".

Keep in mind that this is a client, he has just bought a policy from me. I usually get at least 5 names from this client, in many a case at many as 20.

I then ask my client to call each of them, for me this requires some selling. Sometimes they make the call right there, sometimes after I leave.

When I call the lead I say "Jim did John Jones mention my name to you?" The prospect will say yes or no. I then proceed to tell my new lead what I am about and attempt to set up an appointment.

You can see the power of generating insurance leads in this manner, this works.

Another very reliable source of leads are those you get from the Internet. These leads are usually the most reliable. Why is this so?

The agent will be talking with someone who has taken the time to come online to compare rates and complete a short form for the agent. The agent has an interested prospective buyer.

With these leads there is very little selling required, the agent is really guiding the applicant through the application.

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