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The insurance agents most important stock in trade is a source of good reliable insurance leads. There are many sources for leads to choose from. Some agents depend on direct mail, others on cold calling and still others on the more reliable referred lead. Money can be made using either method but the latter, if done correctly, is more reliable than the others...referred leads. Another very reliable source of leads are those you get from the Internet. These leads are usually the most reliable. Why is this so?

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People who have an interest in insurance, whether it be auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, health insurance or long term care insurance, seem to find it quite easy to express their needs and desires on the Internet by requesting quotes at one or many sites. If you think about it you can only conclude that these are very targeted leads. These people are ready to buy. This action eliminates much of the hard work the life insurance agent normally experiences in the course of his or her day. Using these leads makes selling insurance much easier.

Here is one of the most reliable sites through which you can obtain these leads:

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