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Compare Life Insurance

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Compare life insurance from quality carriers, this is so very important for all buyers of life insurance.

It would be a good thing if everyone interested in life insurance could compare policies as well as life insurance companies before making their final decisions to purchase their policies.

You would know for certain that you would be buying the best and least expensive policy for your particular need or needs.

The information is available to the public but there are so many life insurance companies. It would take a lifetime to compare life insurance policies for all these companies.

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Compare Life Insurance - Quality Life Insurance

There are a few organizations that became aware of this problem and fortunately for us took the time to do something about it. There is one, however, that stands out above the others. This company is known as The A. M. Best Company.

They have made it their responsibility to compare insurance companies and to rate the companies according to their performance...from the policy owners point of view and for the policy owners benefit. They not only compare life insurance policies but they constantly keep abreast of the financial strength of these companies.

This website as well as all the others that make the clients benefits their priority investigate life insurance companies before deciding to do business with them. It is our primary responsibility as we are very aware that in order to stay in business the client must at all times be pleased with our service. We do not under any conditions get involved with any second rate company.

When you decide to get life insurance quotes you will have an opportunity to compare life insurance rates of several of the finest life insurance companies in the industry. You should carefully compare life insurance policies and examine how they work before making a decision.

We make that easy but you will need to decide on the type of life insurance you want to look at. I am therefore going to give you a brief outline of how each policy works so that you will have a basic understanding of each policy. We will begin with the term life insurance policies.

  • Decreasing Term Life Insurance Compare life insurance companies as much as you will but when it comes to a policy for mortgage protection this one has no equal.

    It was specifically designed to pay off a mortgage at the death of the homeowner. The face amount of the policy decreases with your mortgage and the premiums are surprisingly affordable.
  • Yearly Renewable Term Life Insurance This is probably the cheapest life insurance policy available. This is a one year term policy. Compare life insurance premiums and you will quickly agree.

    The policy maintains a level death benefit but the premiums increase every year if you choose to continue ownership of it. If your need for life insurance is short term this may be a good policy for you to buy.
  • 5 Year Term This level death benefit term policy usually can be kept for a 5 year period. It also has a level inexpensive premium. Like most term policies you have the option of converting to a permanent type policy within the 5 year period.

    This policy can be used for short term needs or as a kind of stop-gap until you can afford a more expensive policy for a longer term.
  • 10 Year Term This policy is very similar to the 5 year term but lasts for double the time...10 years.

    If you do compare life insurance premiums you will quickly see that this policy is a little more costly than the 5 year term policy. It can be used for short term needs and is sometimes used temporarily in a family situation.

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  • 15 Year Term Now here is a policy that fits many situations. You, for whatever reason, have been unable to buy the life insurance you need up until this time.

    Your youngest child is now, let us say, 10 years old. Your main concern is that your children are well maintained until they graduate college. The 15 year term policy could fit right into such a situation. The face amount is level and so are the inexpensive premiums.
  • 20 Year Term When we compare life insurance policies it is difficult to ignore the 20 year term life insurance policy. One of the reasons, I believe, is that it is fairly easy to plan for a 20 year period.

    People with young families find this policy quite useful as well as business people. The death benefit remains level for the 20 year period and so does the premium.
  • 25 Year Term People use the 25 year term policy in a similar manner to the way they may use the 20 year policy. These people, however, want their life insurance coverage to last a little longer...may be to retirement.

    This of course depends on when they want to retire. Give this one some thought when you sit down with your spouse to compare life insurance and to plan your family's future. The face amount is usually guaranteed level and so are the premiums.
  • 30 Year Term If you are quite young when you start a family and you want to cover all the bases the 30 year term policy should be given some consideration as it can be used to cover the family in the event of premature death of a breadwinner and also to fund buy-sell agreements for a partnership or corporation.

    It can also be used to fund key employee life insurance. The premium structure is similar to that of the 20 year or 25 year term policies and the death benefit remains level for the duration.
  • Return Of Premium Term As if we didn't have sufficient choices when we compare life insurance policies the industry in recent years introduced a new policy called a return of premium term policy.

    It is very similar to the whole life non participating policies but it has a limited period of time for which you can keep the policy. At the end of the specified period you get back all your money. It is a little pricey for a term policy. Premiums are level and so is the death benefit.

If you really want to compare life insurance policies you should not ignore the whole life policies, universal life insurance policies, variable universal life insurance policies and variable life insurance policies. Click on the links below to see how each one works.

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