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Cashing A Life Insurance Policy

Selling Your Life Insurance Policy

In recent years cashing a life insurance policy has become a very common practice.

It used to be that most life insurance policies were left in force in order that the intended beneficiaries could receive the face value of the insurance policy upon the death of the insured.

Ever since the inception of the aids virus people with the disease have searched for ways to get their hands on cash to pay medical bills and in some cases just to live.

Thus, if these people have life insurance policy with large cash values they end up cashing a life insurance policy or selling their life insurance policies.

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Cashing A Life Insurance Policy

Even the people who are receiving structured settlements from life insurance or an annuity are cashing their settlements in return for an immediate lump sum.

These companies that buy these settlements or policies are enjoying a real bonanza...but the person with the terminal illness and their families are really losing in the end.

These investment companies buy life insurance policies from terminally ill people for a percentage of the face amount of the policy.

The investment company pays all premiums for as long as the insured stays alive and collects the death benefit upon his or her death.

The investment company is called a viatical company. Selling the policies can be referred to as "viatication".

In some situations people who are not terminally ill also sell their policies. In their situation their health has declined and they are in need of cash.

These are referred to as life insurance settlements. Instead of cashing a life insurance policy or selling your life insurance policy it may be prudent to take a loan from your policy if the "loan value" is sufficient to meet your financial needs.

Keep in mind that there may also be tax implications involved with cashing a life insurance policy or selling it.

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