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Accidental Death Benefit Rider

Accidental death benefit! Because of most people are familiar with the phrase double indemnity the accidental death rider is thought to be one that provides double the death benefit of your policy in the event of death resulting from an accident.

It is true that this is how it works but there are life insurance companies that allow applicants to buy multiples of this rider...e.g. three times the face amount of the policy would be paid should they die by accident.

For a small additional premium you can add the accidental death rider to your life insurance policy. It does not matter whether or not you purchase term life insurance or permanent life insurance. This policy is at times fondly referred to as A.D.B.

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Why Buy The Accidental Death Benefit Rider?

  • It advisable that people buy life insurance to protect their families in case they should die...especially if they have young children. In this instance, regardless of your age you need life insurance.

    Consider, however, that for young couples the possibility of one partner dying from an accident is more likely than it would be from dying by any other means.

    Young people do develop fatal diseases and some are even murdered but if they die in their youthful years it will more often than not be accidental. This is certainly a good reason to add the accidental death benefit rider...wouldn't you say?

    If you drive an automobile each time you get on that highway there is a possibility that some crazy person other than yourself could destroy your life by behaving in an irresponsible manner...yet another good reason to add the A.D.B rider to your policy.

    Some occupations are more hazardous than others. If you deal with any heavy machinery on your job you are exposed to possible injury or even accidental death. These things certainly justify adding an accidental death benefit rider to your policy.

    For the more adventurous there are many avocations which would warrant the consideration of an accidental death rider. In some cases though these activities are so dangerous that the insurance companies will not issue a policy.

    Many people find themselves in a position where they are unable to afford sufficient life insurance to protect their families. It takes quite a bit to fulfill the lump sum or income needs of a growing family. Because the accidental death benefit rider is inexpensive it would be a wise decision to add it to your policy just in case.

Give A.D.B. some thought when purchasing your policies whether whole life or term.

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