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Online Whole Life Insurance

More Information On Whole Life Insurance

Online whole life insurance. Whole life insurance quotes are offered online by some of the finest life insurance companies in the business.

Most of these companies perform very well. You can even get your online whole life insurance quote and buy the policy on line.

You will get a good policy but I would like to see these companies give more details on the Internet as to how these policies actually work.  

The agent you speak with will give you all the information you want but I would like to see more detailed information in writing online.

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Online Whole Life Insurance

Here Is A Little Information On Whole Life

Most everyone knows a little about term life insurance. They know that term insurance covers the insured for specific periods of time. People also know that the actual premiums are quite inexpensive. Most insurance buyers, however, know nothing about whole life insurance.

  • Cash Values

    I would love to see the life insurance companies give some detail on how cash values really work in their online whole life insurance quotes.

    It would be great if they could give a year by year breakdown of actual cash values so that people could see that even though they are paying much more for whole life than they would pay for term insurance the equity in the policy would offset some of the cost for the policy.
  • Dividends

    It would be great if life insurance companies could illustrate online how dividends actually work. Buyers would get great information on why one company pays a large dividend and another pays much less. I would love to see actual illustrations of the varying dividend options and how the companies applied them to policies in actual situations.

    Your dividends can be used to purchase paid up additions, left to accumulate interest, used to reduce premiums. Even though they are not guaranteed it is perfectly legal to show what had been done in the past.

    If dividends are used effectively the number of years that premiums would be paid could be considerably less than is normally required without affecting the amount of insurance. Dividends could also affect the amount paid at the death of the insured depending on how long the policy had been in force at the time of death.

    I refer here to the use of the paid up additions option. Dividends could cut the amount you actually pay out each year by quite a bit if the reduce premiums option is used.

To the best of my knowledge life insurance companies are not yet doing these things but I look forward to the day when they provide more detailed information in their whole life insurance illustrations online. A more educated life insurance buyer will prove to be a better customer.

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