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Life Insurance No Medical Required

No Physical, Health Check or Exam

You, of course, want to buy some life insurance no medical exam as this is the easier way to buy your policy.

No medical Life insurance may be the way for you to go. It is quick and easy.

I was recently asked if life insurance costs more on the Internet than it would cost to have an agent come and explain the policy then complete the application.

I answered no it would not cost more. Life insurance companies know beforehand how many people at a given age will die in a particular year. 

Premiums for life insurance cost no more if you buy it on the Internet with no physical exam than it would cost if you bought it from an agent who came to see you.

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I have seen articles that suggest that life insurance with no medical costs more than policies you buy and you have to do a medical. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I want to recommend that you give the life insurance companies a little credit. No health check, or no exam, life insurance is nothing new. Life insurance companies have been doing this for young people for a very long time.

Their experience has taught them that life insurance no medical needed is a very profitable way for the company to do business. They eliminate a lot of the expenses that come with issuing a policy. It is even less costly when done online.

People are taking better care of themselves today and as a result are living much longer. Some life insurance companies will issue policies through an online application to people up to age 65

People assume when you buy a no medical life policy online that the carriers are taking a greater risk than they normally would. Let me put you at rest, they are not.

We are living in what is fondly referred to as the information age. With all the available technology you would be surprised at what a life insurance company can find our in 15 minutes.

Additionally, the "Medical Information Bureau" has information in their memory bank on the health of anyone who has ever bought a life insurance policy. The carriers also do inspection reports whenever necessary.

In addition to all that the incontestability clause built into a life insurance policy protects the life insurance companies. If you choose to try to deceive them you are wasting your time as they can contest the policy within a specific period of time...usually 2 years.

So whether you want to call it life insurance with no medical or no exam life insurance it is pretty safe to buy it online. This is really the convenient way to go unless you are buying a very large life insurance policy.

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