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Life Insurance Game

Winning The Life Insurance Game

It may seem that winning the life insurance game is the mission of life insurance companies.

To the companies themselves and to the agents this is very serious business. The important thing to bear in mind is that insurance companies guard their reputations with tremendous zeal.

Notice, also, the pride of the agent when he tells you which company s/he represents. His company is so important to him.

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Focus On Winning The Life Insurance Game

When the author of this article was in the field as an agent I had the advantage of representing the finest life insurance companies in the winning at life insurance was not something I gave a second thought. The company gave me a tremendous edge.

My associates and I concentrated on getting the best value for our clients. We took the time to thoroughly understand the needs and wants of our clients and prospects and tailored the policy portfolio's to fit each situation accordingly.

The result was that in my last 5 years selling life insurance I had more clients calling me to buy life insurance than I needed. From time to time I would approach a prospect cold or through a referral in order to stay sharp.

The purpose of this article is to encourage the new agents coming into the business and to emphasize that the clients needs must come first. I am aware that the life insurance companies point this out and even stress it but I just want to endorse their teaching.

If the wrong policy is forced on a prospect it usually does not take very long for it to be canceled. More often than not they lose money, the agent loses money as he has to repay the commissions, and the life insurance company loses money as that is one less client that they have.

So let us be conscientious, honest and hardworking and make winning the life insurance game a sustained victory. One man once said that the life insurance business is the best paying hard work in the world but it takes people of honor to sell a product of honor to clients of honor. I try every day to live up to that standard set by such leaders.

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